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Destination Sri Lanka

Wonder of Asia

Ayubowan. Greeting you from our Traditional way wishing you a long life, we warmly welcome you to Sri Lanka.Since the start of the pre-historic times, Sri Lanka had been an active country. Even though the history is written only from 2600 years ago, Sri Lanka is a country which had had its civilizations up and going even before that.

It is no wonder as to why Sri Lanka is called the pearl of the Indian Ocean- it indeed is bearing a huge value. From the sandy beaches and turquoise waters, to the chilly mountainous regions, Sri Lanka is a country where you could choose your holiday weather.

Glimpse of Sri Lanka

Wild life

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Sri Lanka Travel Directory is Sri Lanka’s 1st ever internet Travel Directory with video attractions. The Travel Directory will give complete information and all the data pertaining to Sri Lanka tourism such as History, Archeology, Religious, Cultural and social aspects with all the existing hotels in the country, Tour operators, Rent a car service, and all other Tourism related business ventures and all other vital information that a tourist must know about Sri Lanka.

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